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Is This A James Bond Thriller OR The Real McCoy

Douglas McCoy
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YOU HOLD IN YOUR HANDS A Book to Demonstrate Anyone can ReCreate Themselves in any area of Life: This unique book is the result of 35 years of extensive research into the secrets of ReCreating Yourself and is a display of variety, that YOU can change YOUR career at choice and successfully work in other countries around the world. You are participating in reading one of the World’s First Series of Book’s – although this book was not designed for fun, I have used many of the Specific techniques I use for Right and Left Brain Readers. Make no mistake; you still need to read the book and look at the illustrations and visuals. These amazing adventures and interesting life situations, challenges and successes could open YOUR eyes, to how YOU could ReCreate Yourself? In this book you will discover: ? Real Thrilling, challenging, dangerous and eye opening business experiences. ? The astonishing true story of international intrigue of tenacity. ? How an uninformed politician can manipulate the police, government departments and media to destroy business and individuals. ? How one man packed the incredible experiences of over 30 businessmen’s lives into one