About Us

About Us

Millionaire Mind Magnet is one of the fastThinkerest growing business and personal development and success training companies in Australia and Southeast Asia.

We are specialized in “inner world values for real success.”

Our objective is to help individuals recognize and overcome hindrances that keep them away from arriving at their maximum capacity in terms of both achievement and happiness. So far, we have helped more than 1,000,000 individuals around the world change their lives.

By using high-impact, breakthrough processes, our members experience both quick and long term changes that include higher income, greater total assets, better connections, genuine power and a feeling of internal peace.

Millionaire Mind Magnet’s workshops, webinars and book reference are taught using high involvement, accelerated learning methods that allow members to learn faster, recall more and have a fabulous time (all while significantly upgrading their lives!).

If there is one word to describe the Millionaire Mind Magnet philosophy, that word is “ACTION!” Our seminars and webinars are extraordinary. However, we believe that it’s what you do and what happens in your life after attending the seminars and the webinars that you’ve watched really counts!




Douglas McCoy

— The ReCreation King —

He is also known as Australia’s ReCreation Expert . Under the tutelage of Masters like Dr. William Tanner and Dr. Keith Cunningham, he has been able to ReCreate himself in whatever field he chooses to be—from being an author, a sought-after life coach, a sportsman to a multi-awarded entrepreneur.

Doug is very fortunate to have some incredible challenges in his life that most people may perceive as dilemmas and problems. But through these challenges he has developed a system to ReCreate one’s life into who he want to be, to do what he wants and have what he wants.

Douglas McCoy has developed training modules and seminars for the very impetus of showing you how you can maximize your potential as you. For then again, you may not know it yet, you are a very powerful being!

People discover things and acquire knowledge in various ways. You either learn through experiencing all the problems in life yourself or learn from other peoples experiences and save all the suffering and pain.

Doug has taken in the lessons and learned from his amazing life’s experiences. So, he has definitely made it possible for you to learn and save you the suffering of trying to live through 30 peoples astounding experiences, challenges and lessons yourself the hard way and jump into the future much smarter and more informed to save yourself several life times.

Coupled with his team of leading coaches, Doug can tailor his presentation to suit your requirement through Australasian Success Academy.

Furthermore, since Doug grew up not enjoying or even able to read, he decided to take several years off work, to develop a series of books to help people enjoy reading much more. He developed new techniques in the way he put his books together to make reading so much more enjoyable, stimulating and fun.

These techniques he compiled together to develop the right and left brain certified books for learning which have helped him gaine the reputation of being called the ReCreation Coach and the ReCreation King.

The How Cool Series is the world’s first series of books written especially for right and left brain readers. This series of life and self improvement books have been tailored to help you enjoy reading and understanding the principles of personal development. These books aim to assist you and help real people develop greater self confidence, improve self image and have greater personal belief while you learn and adapt the amazing skills being taught to teach you how to ReCreate yourself.

There is more to know about Douglas McCoy and his amazing and outstanding achievement. Click here to know more!

Dr Les Cunningham Dr Les Cunningham


Douglas studied through the 1980’s under his mentor and coach Dr Les Cunningham the author of “HypnoSport” and “The Greatest Hypnotherapist in Australia” to qualify and receive his “Diploma of Hypnotherapy.”

Dr Cunningham was able to assist his patients / students / athletes he worked with and trained to ReCreate themselves to break through their mental and physical barriers to achieve astounding greatness and success with a record of not less than:

  • 18 went on to Break World Records,
  • 37 placed as World or Olympic Champions,
  • Well over 250 have Represented Australia or their

Athletes’ and Teams to perform at their Best…

image001Dr Les Cunningham The Hypnotherapist Coach – Team Psychiatrist of The Australian Archery Association to become The World Champions in USA 1983.


Stephen M Beasley


Speaker, Success Coach and Creator of the “Grow Your Success Tree” System and the “CEO School of Success”.

Stephen is a dynamic coach with his own unique approach to living successfully. This has helped many of his students to develop greater clarity, vision and passion for their dreams, through his positively charged energy and training. Through his many programs, seminars, workbooks and tools, he has helped many of his students to overcome their challenges to success, by helping them to develop an empowered Self-Concepts that is inspired to dream BIG and then add the impossible. As a Top Salesman for Optus, leader of teams and presenter, He has learnt to simplify the keys of success into clearly defined simple steps/processes, and developed easy tools, that focus your energies like a laser.

One such Program is the “Grow Your Success Tree” System; a 12 week program, where students learn to reconnect with their dreams, translate them into inspiring goals and finally equip them to achieve them through a 90 day lifestyles of success. Some of the comments provided by his students include

“If you have lost that desire and passion, I would recommend completing the “Grow Your Success Tree” programme and reignite your path to success.”

“His insights and training, has not only helped me to understand why I seem to struggle, but also equipped me to achieve my dreams whilst, also building balance to my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and strongly recommend that you do the Grow Your Success Tree program.”

Stephens life mission is to personally coach and train 10,000 entrepreneurs, to unlock their Inner Genius and achieve Time Freedom and Financial Security. So if you become a part of this Success Team, he will reignite your passion for success.

wendy (4)Wendy Marquenie


Most of Wendy’s working life has been in the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Wendy’s passion for dance enabled her to complete her Adjudicators and Teaching accreditation. Becoming a dance teacher allowed the opportunity of teaching both privately and within the school system.

Interests in the travel industry started when Wendy worked with Maroochy Tourism at the Sunshine Coast Airport. The experience of working as a Travel Consultant opened up the opportunity of working as Ground crew/Customer Service/Check-In for a couple of different airlines.

The opportunities as a Flight Attendant were times of great experiences, being able to work for a couple of different airline companies. Her most memorable flying position was working for Bill Peach Air Cruising as a Flight Director. Wendy also worked as an Event Manager for a company based out of Darwin for a couple of years which was very enjoyable and times of growth.

Overcoming various health issues during the past 30 years, has created an interest in the health and wellness industry. I started my first multi-level marketing business with Nikken Wellness, which is magnetic therapy, incorporating your five pillars of health and wellbeing.

Wanting to take more control over my health, I was introduced to the Isagenix Premium Nutritional range of products. After experiencing some remarkable results from using these products, I decided I wanted to be involved and share with others my journey on Health, Success and Happiness.

Wendy says: “I have always been interested with success in business and in life, I completed a 12 week “Grow Your Success Tree” programme which develops my positive mindset, goal setting, turning my dreams into a fulfilling and successful life. Being involved in The Millionaire Mind Magnet & Haappiness Coaching programmes, with the coaching and mentoring had been developing my positive mindset, self-image, self-confidence, and my huge self-expectations now. I am so excited to understand what’s necessary for success in business and in life.”



Garry Gnapp


Garry is an author, public speaker, great bloke and an entrepreneur who has been running his own award winning business for 30 years.

Garry is a wonderful example of ReCreating Himself, He has had some outstanding achievements. Look forward to learning from Garry, who has been an avid fundraiser for a wide variety of social and environmental causes and as a professional skydiver, photographer and businessman he has travelled to 50 countries and made over 10,000 skydives.


Garry has been in the English and Australian Sky Diving Teams competing in the World Championships. You love his stories.

Through his career and travels he became more environmentally conscious and 10 years ago made the decision to get ‘off the grid’ – and we don’t just mean the electricity grid. It was his desire to ‘walk the talk’ by becoming far more self-sufficient and creating a modern sustainable lifestyle that others could only dream of.

Today Garry and his lovely wife live and love their dream lifestyle – their time is theirs. Garry works globally right from their sustainable property in a beautiful part of Australia. They grow the majority of their food and produce 100% of their power.

Look forward to Garry’s and Doug’s input to the Millionaire Mind Magnet series on achieving greater Health, Wealth and Happiness. Garry will show us how to get great results and mind shifts in seconds.

image001 John Joseph Foley


Sir John Foley, has been Doug’s barrister and business advisor since the 1980’s, plus a life long friend.

Foley, has over 30 years’ experience in the gold mining industry. John serves as the Chairman of Charters Towers Gold Mines Ltd. Mr. Foley served as the Non Executive Chairman of Citigold Corporation Limited. He served as the Chairman of Precious Metal Resources Limited. He served as Non-ExecutiveChairman of Australian Gold Council for 9 years.

John has been a guest speaker at the World Gold Council in New York. He was admitted to practice as a Barrister in New South Wales in 1971. He was called to the Irish Bar in 1989 and admitted as a Member of the Honorable Society of Kings’ Inns in Dublin. Mr. Foley is graduate in Law from the University of Sydney in 1969.
“Sir John” as Doug calls him after Doug was one of the VIP Guests to witness the amazing ceremony when Sir John Foley was given a Papal Knighthood.

John Foley has been the Chairmen of several of Doug McCoy’s companies, including when they sent Internova to get public listing on the Australian Stock Exchange, taking over a publically listed company with $7,000,000 in their bank.

Capitalising early in the Internet revolution, back in 1997 McCoy and John Foley took their “My Community business”“Internova Ltd” to Asia to sell the Licence for Asia, for $1.3 Billion. The deal was set , when the world had the historic “Dot Com Crash” In 2000.

Leaders in the World Wide Web incredible revolution and advanced marketing tools which history shows that McCoy and Foley were pioneering the greatest marketing tool in the world’s history.

John Foley was quick to change our focus and looked at trying to save Ansett Airlines and Traveland.


The Chairmen – John Foley and McCoy through Internova Travel a division of our publicly listed company, rescued Ansett Airlines and Traveland from the administrators Ansett was Australia’s Best know Airline operating for over 65 years and Traveland was Australia’s Biggest Travel Agency. In less than 2 months Foley and McCoy flipped and sold both companies.

Foleys’s and McCoy’s Asia Experiences are mind blowing. Within his first day of arriving and doing business in Singapore, McCoy and Foley receiving his first US$1Billion from one of Doug’s friends, one of the Richest Men in The World.



Barrister John Foley, Snowy and Douglas McCoy with his First One Billion US Dollars –

McCoy received in Singapore. Each of these Certificates is US$100 Million.



David Bridgmen


David Bridgman is a Natural Therapist specialising in Kinesiology practise on the Gold Coast. He uses a Bio-Resonance System to evaluate allergies, toxins and nutritional supplements.


  • David became an International Touch For Health Instructor in 1982
  • Studied Advanced Kinesiology and Chiropractor Assistants Course with Philip Crockford and Dr Bruce Dewe MD(NZ) – TFH Faculty
  • Studied One Brain Basic and One Brain Advanced with Gordon Stokes (the developer) in Melbourne
  • Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology with Trevor Savage ND from Brisbane
  • Asisted in putting together Touch For Health 4 and Touch For Health 5 with Dr Bruce Dewe MD.
  • He taught Touch For Health 4 and 5 (which later became the PKP1 (Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Level 1 course.)
  • Studied PKP Level 2 with Dr Bruce Dewe MD
  • Studied Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T) with Trevor Savage ND
  • Studied N.O.T with Dr Carl Ferreri DC, the developer of N.O.T. 3 times.

David specialise in treating the following:

  • all structural problems with muscles, joints and tendons
  • allergies and intolerances
  • blood sugar problems
  • immune deficiencies
  • cancer support
  • chronic fatigue
  • self-sabotage and phobias
  • emotional trauma.

Modalities Used and services Provided:

David Bridgman has been in practice since 1977, holding Diplomas in Naturopathic Nutrition and Iridology.

David has a nutritional-based practice using detoxification, blood type diet, Bio-resonance computerised therapy, Kinesiology, Bio-feedback stress clearing and Bio-impedance longevity analysis and personal fitness programs.

David uses the following modalities in his busy clinics at The Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

  • Touch For Health – T.F.H.
  • Neural Organization Technique – N.O.T.
  • Hyperton-x Sports Kinesiology – HT-X
  • Bio-Resonance
  • Bio Feedback


William Tanner Pic

Dr William Coats Tanner Jr.


The-Rebound-RevolutionDr Bill Davison

One of Australia’s Leading Chiropractor and Author of :

“The Rebound Revolution”


Dr Robert Frost

A World Leading Doctor on the benefits of Rebound Exercise and Author of:

“Secrets To A Vital Life”


Covert Bailey

A World Leading Nutritionist, Humorist and Speaker and Author of the Famous Best Selling Book:



Garry Gnapp

Secrets in Applied Kinisiology – with World Champion Sky Diver from English and Australian Sky Diving Team.


Sir John Foley


World Leaders, Millionaires and Billionaires


Dean Vegas

The Aussie ELVIS

View Profile

. . . and many more



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Marco Dancalan

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Marco Dancalan works behind the scenes full time as the Millionaire Mind Magnet site and design director and as the virtual glue of Australasian Success Academy Pty Ltd in general. Skilled in site design and development, management, video editing, and too many other things to list. Marco is a tech wizard who built Millionaire Mind Magnet from the ground up and has been improving it ever since to ensure that your experience throughout the site is an easy, intuitive and beautiful one.