Dr William Coats Tanner Jr.

Dr William Coats Tanner Jr.

William Tanner PicThe  Miracle  of  PAR was  developed  many  years  ago  by  a  brilliant psychologist in Los Angeles California, named Dr William Coats Tanner Jr. (“Bill”).  Dr Tanner received a (B.S.) Bachelor of Science in Sociology at the University  of  Utah,  an  (M.A.)  Masters  in  Psychology  at  the  University  of Minnesota, and (Ph.D.) Doctor in Educational Psychology at the University of Utah.  Dr  Tanner  worked  for  the  Educational  Testing  Services  in  South Pasadena,  California  and was the Founder and Head of  Tanner  Thought Dynamics.

Dr Tanner was an incredible man who with his lovely and extremely talented wife; Athelia, looked for ways to serve and help people. Together this dynamic duo  served  multiple  missions  around  the  world  freely  helping  people  by teaching what they knew to change people’s lives.

Their  lives  were  devoted  to  helping  people  ReCreate  Themselves,  they showed people our simple steps of how to take themselves from where they were  to  where  they  wanted  to  be.   The  lives  the  Tanners  lived  were  an example to all mankind.

Dr Tanner was an exceptionally cheerful and outgoing person, who believed in displaying “Acceptance Love to all people, no matter what they may have done or may not have done.”

Along with his faith, Dr Tanner’s greatest treasure was his family, whom he loved and who loved him.

Yes I  like to  include myself  in  the numbers Dr  Tanner  shared his  love so abundantly with, as Bill treated me like part of his incredible FAMILY.

I was fortunate enough to be one of Dr Tanner’s admiring students.  I first studied his teaching and techniques while I was in England at the age of 21.Because  of  my  tremendous  desire  to  understand  his  discoveries  and breakthroughs on the mind, I flew to California to meet this Great man, his incredible wife and their amazing family, who I love dearly.

Later Dr Tanner and Athelia his angelic wife flew over to do a life changing seminar for my staff, friends and family in Sydney Australia.   Unfortunately for this world Dr Tanner has passed on peacefully on September 1, 2002.  I can assure you he has progressed to even greater and more enlightened heights,and I am doing my bit to progress Dr Tanner’s brilliant works to try and passion his superior understanding of his discovery of  The Miracle of PAR  and THOUGHT DYNAMICS to the whole world especially image003

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The purpose and philosophy of  PAR can be summarized in these three words


Picture – Act – Relax…